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Get that ultimate peace of mind and lifelong safety by installing the most reliable garage door from Viking Garage Door Company that could even resist the most punishing weather!

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Garage door Maintenance

A garage door can be expected to last for many years under normal operating conditions. However, it will also need maintenance to ensure it stays in good shape and gives you many years of trouble-free operation. Viking Garage door has hands-on experience in providing the detailed servicing and maintenance of your garage doors, including all commercial and precise parts. We offer yearly maintenance service for your garage door to check balance, tighten hardware or conduct a safety test to ensure its proper working and your high-grade safety.

Spring replacement

Your garage door is one of your home’s most severely used items; you probably use it at least a few times daily. With extensive usage, it’s expected to break down occasionally. When it does break down, you may be wondering what to do.

It frequently breaks down and needs to be replaced – Viking Garage Door has the tools and training to replace them safely.

Motor replacement

Every Garage door has a main component named a motor that lifts (pushes or pulls) heavy loads. The motors are also called openers which assist the doors in moving smoothly.

Viking garage doors have extensive experience installing door openers of all the latest models, including smart garage doors with remote access. 

New installation

Who doesn’t want lifetime safety in terms of garage doors? It is the ultimate way of ensuring complete security for your place and its residents, but it needs to be installed correctly to get that level of protection. Professionals must install a garage door, and who could be better than Viking Garage Door in this regard? Just benefit from our extraordinary skill and experience, leave all your problems, and get 100% satisfactory results.

About Us

Viking Garage Doors Company is a family-owned and operated company in Nashville, TN to install and repair all kinds of garage doors and understand all the requirements. We repair and install all major brands of high-quality garage doors, carriage doors, and openers, commercial or residential.

We offer the best price on repairing and installing all doors, openers, springs, rollers, keyless entries, and carport enclosures. It is recommended that professionals must perform most garage door repairs to ensure high-grade safety and reliability. We are committed to providing all our customers with outstanding service and quality repairs at a fair price.

Our experienced garage door techs will repair your garage door or opener with high-quality replacement parts that are OEM quality or better. We ensure that your problems are catered to efficiently; we provide individual training and specified courses to every technician to bring accurate and cost-effective solutions to your problems. Fortunately, repairing your garage door is as simple as making a phone call to Viking Garage Doors and fixing it immediately. 

Viking garage door has served thousands of residential and commercial places to install and repair garage doors with top-notch perfection. We have also built an outstanding reputation among our customers, who always recommend and return to us for various needs. We pride ourselves in delivering you the best garage door service in town. We ensure you have a functional, reliable, and secure garage door that meets the highest quality standards and all the safety measures.

Why Choose Us?

Viking garage door company, Nashville, TN, is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured garage door company that aims to provide an entirely safe and secure environment to the areas of Nashville, TN because a sturdy garage door is the most crucial thing for the safety of your homes and offices.

When you call Viking Garage Doors, you will speak directly to an owner or door tech. We will take the time to analyze and troubleshoot your problems over the phone for problems such as misaligned sensors, battery replacement, and remote programming, saving you time and money.

We know that every business is built upon satisfied and loyal customers. In that spirit, our goal remains; excellence in work and excellent customer service, at a reasonable price, along with the surety that your new garage door installed by Viking garage door will give you an age of hassle-free service. 

The creaking and wobbling of doors usually occur due to the malfunctioning of door openers. We have trained our technicians to identify any problem in the garage door openers and rectify it on time with maximum efficiency to bring back the smooth operation of your garage doors and peace of mind. We know all the minor and significant technicalities of a new garage door installation and make it a real masterpiece for your place that increases its value and gives you long-term reliability with supreme elegance.

Regardless of the make and type of your garage door, Viking is prepared to fix it. Our knowledgeable garage door technicians are always equipped with service trucks and ready to tackle any problem. Let us have the honor of showing you what it means to be a valued Viking garage door company member!

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Call us to compare our rates; we will beat all our competitors!

Let years of garage door experience go to work for you, and let the experts at Viking Garage Door keep your door on track and running smoothly. Call us at (615) 621-5668 today for a free estimate and savings. We publish a current price list to make the repair and installation process easier for our customers. If you need clarification on your problem, please call us; we’d be happy to help troubleshoot your issue and get you on the right track. Know how much your garage door repair costs before you call our competitors or us.

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Our Services

Garage door Maintenance 

Spring replacement

Motor replacement

New installation

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